Veristatus is a division of Syracuse Time & Alarm Co., Inc.  

Syracuse Time & Alarm Co., Inc, a privately held corporation serving Upstate New York since 1981, currently staffs offices in Syracuse and Binghamton.  Working closely with customers and evaluating their concerns, they noticed a growing desire to keep up with the constant advancement of integrated solutions in order to meet the needs of today's threats.  These solutions, which are designed to help and protect can also be very overwhelming and require many hours of training and certification.  From that demand...Veristatus was born!

Veristatus becomes your virtual partner. We can maintain, troubleshoot, recover evidence and monitor the health of your system 24/7. Our view verification process provides you with confidence that your system is functioning and is configured to perform at effective levels.

Whether you have one or multiple locations, Veristatus provides an opportunity that allows you to combine resources and reduce job functions. We maintain 24/7 connectivity to your systems and our view verification process allows us to determine if something is wrong with your system. If we are unsuccessful in recovering or repairing the problem remotely, we then dispatch your maintenance personnel or vendor and provide pin-point instructions for a fast recovery. In addition, Veristatus can quickly recover data and video after a situation has occurred and transmit the information to law enforcement or other officials according to your instructions. 

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